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Highlights from 2015

Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women 2015


WDL Meeting on May 2014

2014 Candidate for Sheriff Karl Bickel spoke at the WDL meeting on May 20

90th Anniversary Afternoon Tea

2013 Holiday Party

Left: Julianna Albowicz and Sentaor Mikulski's citation, Lara Roholt Westdorp (President), Florence Schell (Vice President), Bonnie Nicholson (Treasurer), and Mari Lee (Secretary)

WDL members and a guest at the party

2013 United Democratic Women of Maryland

Whitney Duck, Heather Mizuer, Lara R. Westdorp

Lt. Governor Brown joins the United Democratic Women of MD September meeting in Western Maryland

2013 Great Frederick Fair Tent

Maggi Hays, Dr. Earlene Thornton, Whitney Duck, 

Myrna Whitworth, Florence Schell

2012 Holiday Party

WDL members at the 2012 Holiday Party

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