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The Women's Democratic League (WDL) of Frederick County was founded by 200 newly franchised women on October 4, 1923. 

The underlying mission of the WDL is to educate and involve Democratic women in the political process and advocating for equality under the law for all people. The WDL is also committed to community service, reaching out in support of organizations that provide for Frederick's neediest of citizens. 

The WDL has a long history of reaching out to other groups within Frederick County to build partnerships that reflects the values and diversity of the Democratic Party. 

Our Mission

JOIN the Women's Democratic League

Membership is open to all registered Democrats.

Our membership year runs from January to December. 

Join or renew now and your membership will be good through December 31.

Dues are $30 per year, and can be paid online or by mail. ​

  • To pay online using PayPal or a credit card, click on the gold Donate button. 

  • To pay make a check payable to the Women's Democratic League              Mail to WDL, PO Box 3317, Frederick, MD 21705. 


New WFL Members!



Shelly Beaird-Francois


Carleah Summers


Lara Westdorp

Communications Director
Tammy O'Connor


Rosario Campos
Sharon Dooley

Melanie Galloway

Maureen Grayzeck
Lois Jarman

Mari Lee

Tami McNulty

Samantha Van Rens



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